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All you need to do is apply by 31st Oct and be approved for an Athena or Athena Select loan by 15th Dec to be in the draw to win.  

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Seriously low variable rates from 1.99%p.a. (Variable and comparison^) 

Discounted rate for OO 60% LVR* 

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$0 on-going fees

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Is there a limit to how many entries I can have?

Nope, entries are unlimited! Got a few properties? Go nuts, bring them all over to Athena!

How do I check if my entry has been received?

You automatically gain an entry when you receive unconditional approval. You should receive confirmation of your entry when we email you your unconditional approval.

I submitted an application and received conditional approval. Does that mean I get an entry?

No, you have to receive unconditional approval in order to receive an entry. The good news is you’re almost there! Your dedicated loan expert will be in touch with updates every step of the way.

I have pre-approval with you guys but I haven’t found a property yet. Do I still get an entry?

No, you must receive unconditional approval by 15 December 2021 to score an entry.

I've applied with Athena and have already received unconditional approval before the competition launched. Do I get an entry?

Great news, yes! If you've received unconditional approval and have not settled yet, you have scored an entry into the draw.

I submitted my application before the competition launched and am waiting for my application to be assessed. Will I get an entry if I my application is unconditionally approved?

Yes, you’ll score an entry into our draw if you receive unconditional approval by 15 December 2021.


Apply by 31st October 2021 11:59PM AEST and be approved for an Athena or Athena Select loan by 15th December 2021 11:59PM AEST to be in the draw to win. Terms and conditions apply. 

Permit Numbers: NSW: TP/01223, ACT: TP 21/01276, SA: T21/1161

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

* Athena’s Standard Variable Rates are 2.34% OO P&I Var, 2.69% INV P&I Var, and 2.89% for OO and INV IO Var Products. Discounts are applied to P&I products based on Loan to Value Ratio (LVR), for OO ≤60% as 0.35%, 60-70% as 0.25% and 70-80% as 0.15% and for INV ≤60% as 0.30%, 60-70% as 0.20% and 70-80% as 0.10%. IO products have a single discount across all tiers of 0.05% for OO and 0.20% for INV. These are available for new and existing customers. These are variable rates and discounts and they may change at any time. Note: If your LVR is exactly 60%, you would qualify for the ≤60% LVR tier. If your LVR is exactly 70%, you would qualify for the 60-70% LVR tier. LVR is calculated using Loan Amount, which does not include redraw funds and based off your property value from the approved property valuation at the time you originally applied for the loan. 

^ Comparison rate calculated on a $150,000 secured loan over a 25 year term. WARNING: Comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Comparison rates for variable interest only loans are based on an initial 5 year interest only period. During an interest only period, your interest only payments will not reduce your loan balance. This may mean you pay more interest over the life of the loan. Government charges apply. 

** The interest savings estimate is an average of modelled savings of real customers who have refinanced to Athena since launch. The savings are modelled estimates only, and are not a prediction. The actual future savings of these customers may be higher or lower. The estimated savings depend on assumptions that may change over the life of the loan, such as future interest rates and future borrower repayment behaviour. 

In making the average savings estimate, we assume the rates of the existing lender and Athena continue for the life of the loan, and we do not include the fees which may be charged by the existing lender. The remaining term and repayment frequencies are assumed to be the same as the Athena loan, and all repayments are assumed to be made on time with no redraws or credit limit increases. 

Every borrower’s situation is different. Your actual savings opportunity may differ from this average. 

1A like-for-like loan means the product name (eg. Owner P&I Var) and LVR tier (eg. Liberate, Evaporate, Celebrate) advertised to new customers must be the same product name and the same LVR tier that you have as an existing customer. Applies to variable loans only. The way we construct and name products may include a combination of the loan’s purpose (eg. Owner Occupier, Investor), repayment type (eg. P&I, IO), loan type (eg. Variable), borrower type, different features or specific qualification criteria. None of these criteria will be designed to favour new customers over existing customers. If we ever tempt new customers with a lower rate for our like-for-like loan, anyone who’s on it will get the automatic rate-match. Sweet. It’s an Aussie first! 

^^Your estimated savings have been calculated by comparing your loan inputs to a loan with a balance $100,000 lower.

  • Money Savings: The difference in total repayments (principal plus interest)
  • Time Savings: The difference in the remaining loan term for each loan to be paid off to $0

In addition to your inputs, we have made these assumptions:

  • Assumes loans are Principal & Interest, and interest rates don’t change for the entire loan term
  • The same monthly repayment amount is maintained on both loans for the entire loan term, with no additional repayments or redraw
  • Fees are not included

Important information

This calculation is an estimation not a prediction. It is designed to help you see how much you could save if you have $100,000 knocked off your loan balance and continue to make the same repayments. It should not be solely relied on for the purposes of making a decision as to whether you enter the competition. We have not yet checked any of the details regarding your inputs for accuracy.